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How We Work With You

Unlike your dentist, we’re not painful to work with. We’re very interested in helping the people in your company function at a higher level. If we can’t do that, we don’t want to waste your time.


So how do we find out as quickly and cheaply as possible if we can have a mutually beneficial relationship?

Step One: Assessment

If this process were a relationship, this would be the pick-up bar stage. You’re not committing to anything. You’re checking us out. You want to know if we’re decent people with something to offer.


The best way to do that is to talk with us, in person or on the phone. Tell us about your organization, its needs, and what it’s trying to accomplish. We’ll tell you about our solutions. (You’ll probably figure out pretty quickly if we’re full of it.)


Other things to help you assess our company and its products:

Step Two: Sample

If the first step was a pick-up bar, this would be dating. We meet your family, and you meet ours, but it’s a very low commitment. You’ll see what we’re capable of, what we can and cannot do, and learn whether it makes sense to get into a more serious business relationship.


We recommend having us come to your organization and teach a one-time, 3.5 hour pilot course. This is the best option because you get to see the training in the actual environment you’re working in.


Other options in this step include:

  • Attending one of our public courses.
  • Scheduling us for an executive overview or attending a public presentation.
  • Asking for sample materials.
  • Experiencing a virtual segment of the training online.

Step Three: Implement

If you’re thrilled after the dating stage, it’s time to move onto engagement. We want our training to help as many people achieve their working potential as possible, and we want to help you make a solid plan for success.


At this stage we’d recommend creating an effective rollout plan with a robust follow-up component, and, if available, certifying your organization’s trainers to teach our content internally.


On-going client support and consultation are included and recommended.


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