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Workplace Bullying

Few people think bullying has any place at work, but many of us don’t understand the full problem. This isn’t only a matter etiquette, but of personal and organizational health96% of Americans experience bullying in the workplace, and half of us say we are treated rudely at least once a week. And how do we respond to bullying?

  • 48% intentionally decrease their productivity.
  • 66% say their performance declined.
  • 80% lose work time worrying and 63% lose work time avoiding the offender.
  • 25% admit to taking their frustrations out on customers.
  • 78% lower their commitment to the organization.

    We help you deal with bullies by giving everyone the skills to see others in a humane way, solve problems without resorting to heavy-handed tactics, and stop bullies before their behaviors escalate.



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