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Performance Reviews

performance review small93% of U.S. companies use some kind of yearly performance appraisal, but if you ask if these reviews are necessary 98% of respondents (including HR professionals) will answer: “Nope!” Worst still, there is evidence that 30% of performance appraisals actually end up demotivating an employee, which is probably why one-in-four employees dread these “friendly chats” more than any other part of their working life.


So why bother? Probably because 63% of executives see their biggest challenge as managers who “lack the courage and ability to have difficult feedback discussions.” Also, just because it almost always goes wrong, doesn’t mean it has to go wrong.


Highly specific feedback from someone who has our best interest in mind feels like helpful support instead of a veiled threat or criticism masked as friendly conversation. We give people the tools to get their minds and hearts right, help others feel safe and comfortable, and to deliver feedback in a way that is both helpful and non-offensive.



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