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Motivating Employees

Odds are there is someone in your office who needs to try harder. People usually deal with this situation with a mix of four (often ineffective) ways–hinting, asking, threatening, or offering incentives. The problem is none of these methods are guaranteed to make people care, and when people don’t care you’ll forever be stuck between poor performance and hinting, asking, threatening, and offering incentives.


We need to be better at understanding what people care about and linking those values to their jobs. You might offer a bonus to improve behavior, but only about 18% of workers find money motivating. You might make a threat, to one of the 39% percent of workers who already feels like their good efforts go unnoticed. Etc. We solve motivation problems by teaching how to get at the root of what people find motivating and giving you the tools to keep following up without harming the relationship. It not only makes life better, but a good motivational program boosts performance by 44%.



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