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Ducking Responsibility

ducking responsibility small27% of people have actually hidden from a boss. Maybe the other 73% never darted into a closet, but have hidden behind walls of excuses, emails, or texts.


Meanwhile 46% of managers are terrible at holding others accountable (this assessments holds among all groups–from executives, to fellow managers, to rank-and-file employees), and fewer than 20% of employees know what is expected of them from day to day. Meanwhile, 99.1% of people wish they worked in an environment where people worked through issues honestly and effectively.


Part of the problem is managers are human beings and don’t want to offend others. Another problem is people infrequently understand how their piece of a project fits into the overall enterprise. When managers know how to be firm without feeling like jerks and people know exactly what is being asked of them and why, accountability happens.



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